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Kolene Spicher

Kolene Spicher has been painting almost all of her life. Her mother enrolled her in an oil painting class when she was eleven years old, mostly as an attempt to channel her overabundance of energy. On Saturdays, Kolene spent three to four hours painting. It was great fun, and each week she finished a new picture. Unfortunately, most of these early paintings have disappeared.

Kolene went on to paint throughout high school, taking lessons from her same teacher and receiving many awards for her work. After graduating, she went to secretarial school, believing it was impossible to make a living at the arts. She quickly became bored with filing, and picked up her brushes once again to try her hand at watercolor. Her favorite styles of painting are 19th century reproduction, and contemporary watercolors, with subjects such as shoes. umbrellas, bas, camping gear, etc. If it's a hobby or an item that can be worn, chances are Kolene paints it.

Published by Spicher and Company, Kolene's work can be seen in numerous catalogs. Her originals are sold at select galleries and stores. She attributes her success to the loving support of her husband, Mark, and their three boys. After thirteen years of selling her work, Kolene continually strives for growth. She greatly appreciates all the wonderful people who have purchased her work, and who give her the encouragement to keep painting.